Stay Alive wallpaper


You die in the game, You die for real


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A new and exciting horror movie is going to arrive to theaters on March 24th.

It is called Stay Alive and the argument is really attractive. A group of friends discover a new generation survival horror videogame based on a 17th century story. They don’t know how this game has arrvied to them but they start playing leaded by the temptation.

Once they are playing they realise that they are being murdered, one-by-one exactly as it happens in the videogame. As they realise it, they have to find a method to defeat the merciless Blodd Countess.

And here, in Uptodown, we offer you the possibility of having the wallpaper of the movie before anybody.

This wallpaper is 1024x768, but you can find more sizes and models in the official site.

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